Greenweg is back!

Oh, I bet you didn’t even notice there was a three-month hiatus of no activity at all. Yea, me too.
So are you curious to know why this break happened? Well, it was a simple case of a moral conflict and I went seeking answers. Not that I have the answers now, but I’m more at peace with living with the question and hopeful with each day, I’ll find the answers.
So what was the question? Climate and environmental scientists do a good job at castigating oil and coal companies for ruining the earth and raising global temperatures. Do we really mean no good has come out of oil exploration? I like to think otherwise. Could exploration be done more responsibly? Absolutely!
Ogoni in the Nigerian Delta and oil spills has a lot to speak for that. But while sitting and reading another long text of how coal is ruining the world, I remembered I currently live in the Lausitz region of Germany and our heating is supplied from coal. Instead of reading long texts, why do I not just turn off my heating and get my neighbors to do same? Isn’t that form of sabotage more effective than hate emails?
And then it hit me, we do a lot of talking about protecting the environment and make very little actual effort. Question is, what are the opportunity costs? Are we willing pay these costs? It hit me that Russia is probably going to drill oil in the Arctic, American fracking is maybe here to stay and Nigeria is probably going to drill every barrel of oil in its Niger Delta because how else do you expect the budget to be funded?
This is not to discredit climate science, I am in fact an advocate for that and I am about to start a project on Biogas production. So go green energy!!!
All I’m saying is, ditch that next article about how Shell and Exxon are the devil and focus on how we can create alternatives, finance alternatives, make alternative compete with fossil energy and most importantly, demand responsible exploration. With more affordable alternatives, fossil energy is destined for a dive.
Meanwhile, look forward to another read from Greenweg! It is about to get exciting!

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