Since the begining of the second half of 2017, there has been alot of buzz on the upcoming COP23 in Bonn, Germany. It is great to see that like every other high level governmental discussions, the COP over the years has gained incredible momentum and has made the issues of climate and the enviornment a big part of countries´ agenda.

The extreme weather conditions and hurricanes that occured this year is raising a big questions of how cities can build resilience. The president of Fiji, a small island nation wil be presiding the event as it starts tomorrow 6th November 2017. It is also interesting to how how Fiji is taking a lead in the event. As an island nation, Fiji understands the great threat it faces.

Remember the famous Paris agreement? That was the outcome of the COP21 held two years ago. The time the heads of states are meeting to discuss we the world is on the issues of climate, and where we want to go. May more ambitious targets will be set this time. I am looking forward to the outcome of this event.

In my opinions, conversations abd agreements are becoming a bore of a process, implementations and results, faster ambitions are the goals for 2017!!


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