This week on sustainable businesses, I am sharing the product ´Zera food Recycler´

There has been many angles to how food waste should be treated in the past yet, many homes still find it very difficult to sort waste (Well, except you live in Germany where it is status quo to sort waste)

Developed in America by a major kitchen appliance manufacturer;Whirlpool. Whirl pool has a start up incubator called Wlab that works on innovative new products. The product decomposts all your food waste into fetiliser which you can use in gardens. This is an great model to feed into a circular economy. Considering that food waste often consititute a significant proportion of landfill waste and decomposes to produce methane which is a more dangerious green house gas than the famous CO2. It is clear that this is not just some fancy good to own appliance, but we could potentially reduce the amout of methane and landfill gas produced  in landfills and in the bigger picture reduce greenhouse gas effects.

Now to the interesting and equally important factor is the design features on the recycler. Clean, neat and with a carbon filter designed to reduce odor.

While I have not been able to come to a conclusion on the retail price of the recycler, I can already think of a working model for multiple users. A good model is to have Zera Paper/bio bags to collect individual waste and recycle for a larger amount of people while getting more fertilisers in the end. The question is, who is then entitiled to the fertiliser in this case?

Another good option to explore is the bagging of the fertilizers and creating a collection for value (Cash or points) in exchange for the the fertilizers. Alot of city dwellers live in apartments without gardens, how is this then supposed to appeal to them? I think this model is only at its inception and they are numeorous avenues to explores to creating a working system.

I will definitely return to writing more about this.


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